Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Infrequent Blogger

Here I am reading other people's blogs, clandestinely, in the shadows. Sometimes I post a comment, but most of the time I lurk and laugh. I connect from a far.

Friendships in this new millennium are an interesting thing. I feel connected to people who I really don't "know" all that well through Facebook and from reading blogs. I truly do like reading other people's statuses and their blogs. I like writing my own status updates. I have to admit that sometimes I spend far to much of my limited emotional energy trying to come up with pithy Facebook status updates. I think I participate in reading blogs and Facebook because otherwise this motherhood/teacher/wife business would be incredibly lonely. It's hard to connect with people via the phone or the drop by visit because at any minute my life could potentially explode. When I come home, I put on my supermom cape and soothe kids, cook supper, wash dishes, and put kids to bed until I collapse into a puddle of mush at around 9:00. And my day MIGHT be finished then, but it also might be pausing. Emma might wake up with a nightmare, Logan might wake up with an ear infection, Emma might wet the bed, Logan might poop in his sleep (who knew that was possible?) and then wake up screaming to be changed. I barely have time to talk to my own husband who is right there beside me, wearing his own cape, bathing children, being a human camel, and bringing incredibly boring children's books about turtles to life.

So thank God for Facebook and blogs. I am able to get support from mom's like me who are dealing with ear infections, throw-up, and temper-tantrums, read about the fabulous exploits of my single friends who jaunt off to Las Vegas and meet Tim Gunn, and form powerful connections that I otherwise would have a hard time keeping up with. I can post a status update at 4 AM while I am cleaning a mess of astronomical proportions and find out that there is another mom across town who is up as well soothing a teething baby.

I wish I had the emotional energy to blog as well. But alas, this meta-blog is all I have today. This was supposed to be either a blog about motherhood guilt or about how cute my kids are right now, but, alas, this is what I have.

Love my Facebook and blog friends, even if you don't know your my friends. :-)


awalton said...

Yay, friend!! You are super woman and I love reading your blogs when they appear at random times. :)

Heather said...

Jamitha! I had no idea you blogged! I am becoming a "follower" right this minute! And...my crazy single life was referenced! I feel semi-famous!!

Alison said...

I couldn't have said it better myself Jami! That is exactly how I feel and I am excited to be starting a blog of my own. I always love reading your status updates and now I will be following your blog as well. We may not know each other very well, but I feel like a kindred spirit. Love ya!