Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm in the midst of reading the Old Testament right now (Phew! I made it through Leviticus). It is the first time I have read the Old Testament as a partially-actualized adult (not college student), and I am surprised. The God who I thought presided over the people of the Old Testament is different from who I thought he would be. So far this realization has caused me to rethink how I have studied the Bible in the past. I thought I would find God to be a rule enforcing dictator, and there are A LOT of rules in Leviticus, but when I finished reading Leviticus (and I read it, every stinking word), I was struck by how God gave those rules with the purpose of making the Children of Israel his. It is about being God's people vs. being a pagan people; being set aside for God. The "rules" aren't rules for rules sake. God is VERY about culture.
The point I am trying to make is that God changes the "rules." The rules are different in the Old Testament than they are the New--why? It seems to me that the purpose of the Bible is to show us that God strongly desires a close relationship with his people, not strongly desires "rule following" people. He is so strict in the Old Testament because the people are sooooo far from the people he desires them to be (Hello? Bestiality?). By the New Testament, they have cleaned up their act a bit, but they are so focussed on the rules that they forget about God.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Logan is TWO!!

My Big BOY!!

My next post was going to be about Moses and being called to things that we don't feel talented at (in?), but in the midst of my deepish thoughts, my baby grew up. I mean really grew up, as in started having temper-tantrums, started pushing, started saying "no" and "mine" A LOT, started playing with the contents of his diaper, and started doing weird things like sticking his hand down his throat to see what happens- grew up. My sweet little boy who I worried about the first few months of his life because he was sooooo quiet has started running, climbing, squealing, yelling, jumping, and demanding to be put in time out (I figure that is what he is doing when he pushes me and says, "No"). But even with all the "asserting himself" he's been doing lately, he still has moments when he flashes that stellar smile of his and melts my heart.
His first birthday was a kind of a sad affair. Logan had double-ear infections, and I had been staying up with him for days. I was exhausted; he was so miserable. He did manage to eat a little cake, but it was not the blowout that we had for Emma on her first birthday.

Logan at his birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa's a week before ear infection madness.
trying to smile while, but you can tell he has uber-chapped lips and feels horrible a week later at his real birthday party.
Since I am determined to not short-change Logan (as much as possible), I wanted his second birthday to be more festive. For Emma's first birthday, I made her a delectable Pablo cake (from the Backyardigans), so I decided for Logan's second birthday, I would make him a car cake since he is obsessed with carrrrs (and motorcycles, vroom, vroom) right now.
We also had non-family guests--The Woodwards. The Dentons are kind of anti-social when we get home, so having people over was a BIG DEAL. Emma did not have friends over until last year, but she is more individualistic than Logan (she is carrying on her mother's tradition of talking a lot, but enjoying time to herself). Even though he is quieter (MUCH quieter) than she is, he is also friendlier and enjoys being around non-family more than she does. And he has such a good, little friend in Charlie (or Lolly as he likes to call him). Charlie and Logan (Lolly and Lolo) are at Ms. Margie's together, and they have Sunday school together. They truly do have a great little relationship and enjoy one another. And I am trying not to hold it against Lolly that Logan said his name regularly before he said, "mommy," regularly :-).
I was a little afraid that things might not go well for the party when Logan was still asleep when our guests (Mimi, Wells, Shelley, and Charlie) arrived. However, when he finally woke up (with some help from his sister), he was ready for a good time. We had hot dogs, hamburgers (with rye buns--note to self: Do not send Brad out for buns again), apple slices, chips, and CAKE. Charlie and Logan ate supper at Logan and Emma's little table and looked adorable doing it, and then they moved on to the high chairs for some major cake demolition.

I think much fun was had by all, and I sure enjoyed having a better birthday party for my sweet little boy. And, yes, I should have put pants on him after his nap before we started snapping pictures. Live and learn. Live and learn.

Now for an update--
The TWO-year-old Logan

Cars, motorcycles (sahcles), trucks, his car table, buckling things, taking his clothes off, strawberries, opening and closing doors, outside, pushing and saying, "MINE," asserting his will and saying, "NO," even when he means, "yes," using a fork and spoon, music and dancing, turning the lights off and on, brushing his teeth, standing on Emma's stool, coloring, kissing, saying, "Ah-men," and "Oh man," counting, singing the ABC's and "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", placing his cars in places that others might step on them, having his daddy "wetify" is hands after supper, running, climbing, taking off all of the pillows on the couch, throwing everything in his crib out of his crib, Emma's sippy cups, The Wiggles, the book "My Truck is Stuck," tickling, running around naked with shoes on, and clean diapers.

having a runny nose, not getting his way, being frustrated, cheese, having food in his mouth when he is suddenly full (he will just all of a sudden spit out his food), having his nose sucked, having a blanket on his feet, messy hands, putting a jacket or pants on, getting his diaper changed, Emma getting a whole rice cake and him getting half, sitting in his car seat all the way home, sitting still in restaurants, teething, a poopy diaper (it must be removed IMMEDIATELY), using words (he'd rather point and pull), mornings (when he has to leave the house), and being restrained in any way (he wants to be free).

We are really learning who Logan is right now (sometimes he tells us LOUDLY). I am really liking the little boy he is becoming. We are working on normal two-year-old things like temper-tantrums, sharing, not pushing, and not getting your way all the time. I have found that time-out works really well with him, as does talking to him calmly. Yelling, spanking, and anything extreme just causes him to dig in his heels and act worse (I know your shocked. Those are such good parenting methods :-)). At this stage, he is more challenging than Emma was because I think she was so clear from the beginning in telling us who she was and what she wanted. Logan has just all of a sudden started caring about things, so it is taking us longer to figure out what works with him.

Parenting him thus far has been an adventure, and throughout the good and the bad, I am always so proud of who he is and so thankful that God has allowed me to be his mommy. What delightful children I have been blessed with! Here's to another great year with my little Logan.