Friday, June 12, 2009

The Three-Month Old Logan

Adjectives that describe the three-month old Logan:

1. Content. Logan is one of the most content babies I have every met. He very rarely cries, and if he does, it is because of something serious--like his sister decided that she should see what would happen if she stuck a pin in his soft-spot. When we are out in public, after people comment about how absolutely adorable he is, they then usually say, "And he is so content."

2. Social. Logan loves to smile and interact with others. His favorite activity is to make noises and to have those noises imitated. If you lean in to him, he will try to touch your face and grab your shirt. If he wants to get your attention, he will wave his hand, almost like he is saying, "Hey, look at me." He wants to make connections with those around him.

3. Cuddly. When you hold him, he grabs a hold of the collar of your shirt and will not let go. He loves to place his cheek on mine. When he is being fed, he wants to hold your hand. He loves to wrap his arms around your neck.

4. Awkwardly haired. His hair is growing and falling out in unfortunate patches and the hair on the back of his head is darker than the hair on the front and it oddly frizzes. Usually his hair is sticking up and out in all directions. He also as a good bit of hair in his ears :-)

5. Chubby. Emma was a skinny baby who had little toothpick legs. Logan is all rolls and crevices. He has a belly and meaty thighs, and his feet, oh his feet. They are gloriously FAT!!

6. Hungry. If you are holding him, he is constantly looking for a food source. When I pick him up, he immediately smiles and me and opens his mouth wide, like he is thinking, "Oh, goody! Here's the food lady!" The boy loves to eat!

7. Intense and observant. He loves to sit in his bouncy seat and just watch the activities of the family. He will track as Emma moves around the room and watch her intently as she dances, plays puzzles, or reads to him. He searches for her so that he can watch her every move. When she talks, he turns his head to find where she is.

8. Easy. He rides in the car well. He sleeps well. He eats well. You need to set him down in the bouncy seat, fine. He'll sit and observe the world. You want him to swing, fine. He'll swing and giggle and coo. You want to lay him on a blanket on the floor, great. He will flap his arms and try to turn over. You need to put him in his crib for a moment, terrific. He'll look at his mobile and sing. He finds something to delight in in almost every situation.

This little man is pure delight. He giggles, coos, cuddles, and smiles most of the day. The other part of the day, he sleeps or sits quietly, watching the family at work around him. He is delighted by simple things--being held close, being wrapped in a cuddly blanket, taking warm baths, being sung to, and being talked to. He is so easy to love, and man, I love him.

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